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Host Coverage Plans


Upcycle offers varying levels of contractual reimbursement for physical damage and theft — the level of protection varies with the plan you choose. For physical damage reimbursements, hosts are responsible for the deductible amount, which varies by plan, and then Upcycle would reimburse the rest of the eligible repairs up to the lesser of replacement cost or up to $5,000, depending on your plan.

With each plan, you’ll earn a percentage of the total rental price and be responsible for different deductible levels. When choosing a protection plan, remember that the higher the percentage of the rental price you earn.

Theft Coverage Plan
Maximize your profits
Earn 85% of the rental trip price
$5000 theft protection
$100 deductible
Recommended for bike shops or hosts with own insurance
No guarantee of repair reimbursement
Theft and Parts Coverage Plan
Maximize your protection
Earn 60% of the rental trip price
$10,000 theft protection
$50 deductible
Upcycle pays for the rest of the repair cost, including parts and labor
Upcycle guarantees reimbursement for parts and labor


The deductible is the amount you are responsible for before Upcycle pays for theft or damage. We define the term "deductible" as the portion for which you are responsible in case of physical damage to your bike during a trip before qualifying for reimbursement. Hosts bear the responsibility for the initial deductible amount, which differs based on the plan. Subsequently, Upcycle would reimburse the remaining expenses, subject to specific terms and exclusions, up to either the replacement cost of the damaged part or $5,000, whichever is lower. Upcycle is not an insurance company, and physical damage reimbursement is not insurance.

For instance, if your guest breaks your Sram GX AXS rear derailleur and the eligible damage costs to your bicycle is $500, and you chose the 60 plan, you’d be responsible for the first $50 of damages, and Upcycle would pickup the remaining $450. If the damage costs are $50, you’d be responsible for the entire damage bill unless you resolve the claim directly with your guest.


Our theft plan is our always guaranteed plan to hosts. We validate that renters have gone through Upcycle’s ID verification process before renting your bike and will guarantee up to $5,000 reimbursement if your renter steals your bike.

Our theft and damage plan is our premium plan that increases your theft coverage from $5,000 to $10,000. It also reimburses you if your renter damages any parts during their trip.

Email us at with photos before and after your rental within 48 hours of your rental completion. For qualifying claims, Upcycle will appraise the damage and will reimburse you less your deductible. Deductibles are $100 for the theft plan and $50 for the theft and parts plan

While we try to do everything to expedite the process, we cannot guarantee a timeframe in which the claim is fully resolved because it requires compliance from both parties; however a typical claim is expected to take 1-2 weeks.

Photos of the bicycle before and after the damage are required. Photos must have timestamps. Most smartphones and cameras will automatically do this.

Anything that occurs during a rental causing loss in functionality of the bike is considered. Cosmetic damage is not covered.

We will work with guests to pay for damages if you have elected the “Theft Coverage Plan”. However, we cannot guarantee they will cooperate. If the guest does not pay, you must pay for the damages yourself. If you are on the “Theft and Parts Coverage Plan”, we will reimburse you immediately after we substantiate the claim with your photos and determine the repair value.

You will be asked to choose between two plans when you get a reservation.