Frequently Asked Questions


Upcycle is covered by State National Insurance Company Inc. and carries a $1M per incident general liability policy.


You will get paid 85% of your set rate and can choose between ACH, Wire and Check payment.

If your bike is damaged during a rental, you will file a claim with Upcycle to determine damage and replacement cost. Guests will be responsible for damages during the rental.

Upcycle will provide a checklist of tasks that hosts can review before their bike goes out on a trip. Hosts should also take photos to document condition prior to the rental.

Renters are responsible for their safety.

Upcycle covers theft up to the lesser of replacement cost or $5,000 if a guest steals the host's bike during the rental period. If the bicycle is stolen from the guest's possession, it is the guest's responsibility.

We pay ACH via our bank, Mercury. Once your first rental is complete, we send you a link to set up payment


Guests just bring their riding gear! Clothing, shoes, helmet, and pedals.

Once your rental dates are confirmed with the host, Upcycle will send you a Stripe payment portal to pay with a credit card or Google Pay.

Hosts will typically meet close to their homes, but this can be arranged directly with hosts based on availability.

Guests are responsible for making sure bikes are safe during a rental period.

Similar to a rental from a bike shop, the guest is responsible for damage during the rental period.

No hidden fees, we are transparent about our pricing and charge exactly what the host sets.