Oct 23, 2023
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Upcycle Host's Ultimate Photo Guide

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Upcycle encourages hosts to take great photos of your their bike to make their listing stand out. Good photos make your bike more attractive and help highlight everything that is great about your bike. This will encourage more renters and higher utilization for you. We suggest taking the following photos.

General Tips: Take photos of your bike when it’s clean and place it against a non-distracting background. Avoid using vertical photos

Primary Photo (Drive Side)

Show a holistic photo of the driveside of your bike, including your crankset, and derailleurs

Secondary Photos (Non-Drive Side)

Show a holistic photo of the non-drive side of your bike



Show how you have your cockpit set up, handlebars, stem, brakes, shifters



Show a close up of any accessories that will come with the rental



Crankset or any other additional close ups!


Once you are ready to list, head over to create your listing!

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