Feb 05, 2024
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How to Attract Guests by Pricing Right

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At Upcycle we pride ourselves in being a marketplace that provides unique bicycles at a competitive price. This is a guide to help you price your bike competitively to attract the most renters and maximize your rental revenue.

For this guide, we will be looking at typical daily rental rates from a bike shop. Keep in mind, bike shops are typically offering current model year bikes so if yours is older, consider pricing lower than the rubric below.

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 7.28.32 PM

Beyond daily rates, Upcycle also offers a way to set weekly and monthly rates. As a guide, we recommend pricing your weekly rate at a 50% discount and your monthly rate at a 75% discount. For example, if you want to price a non-electric carbon mountain bike at $65/day, we would recommend that you set your weekly to ~$225/week ($65*7*50%) and monthly to ~$487 ($65*30*25%)

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