Aug 14, 2023
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Find a Bike like at Home

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By John Montesi

If you’re anything like us, one of the best parts of traveling can be experiencing new roads and trails by bike. New hills, new segments, stunning views, and welcoming communities are all favorite highlights from travel that includes bike rides.

And one of the worst parts of travel is when your favorite bike can’t come with you on the trip. Rental bikes can be unpredictable, and often it’s far too hard to find a ride like the one you’re familiar with when you travel.

Make Memories on Two Wheels

We believe that riding bikes in new places should be a fun and memorable experience. Whether you want to ride a boutique steel steed that’s as close to your favorite custom road bike at home or think it’s time to splurge on riding that high-end mountain bike you’ve always been curious about, finding a quality bike rental is a key ingredient of destination cycling magic.

Cycling is a universal joy and yet each rider’s preferences and experiences are deeply personal. We love the feeling of test driving new bikes – and we know that sometimes confidence on unfamiliar terrain comes from having something familiar and trustworthy.

Familiar Feeling

Looking for something different than the typical rental bike? Want travel and geo as close to your preferences as possible? Finding rental bikes that match your current ride can help the bike “disappear beneath you” so you can focus on the scenery and enjoy the ride instead of thinking about your equipment. Bikes are an extension of the rider, so finding something comfortable and trustworthy is a key part of renting a bike away from home.

Bucket List Experience

Just like some people dream of cruising Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible car, there are many bike rides that can be enhanced with the perfect steed. Cruising California’s trails on one of the many local brands, shredding Colorado on one of the state’s great framebuilders, or dancing along a ribbon of perfect asphalt on a racy road bike can all be ways to enhance the ride with a bucket-list worthy bicycle.

Mix it Up

For some of us, there is no such thing as “the only way to build a bike.” Tinkering with combinations of parts, geometry, and even frame material is part of the lifetime joy of riding bikes. When traveling, you might find it fun to seek out bikes that are different from what you ride at home so you can get a feel for what else is out there. It may inspire you to make some changes, or you may leave with a renewed appreciation for your favorite ride. Either way, we believe that experimenting with bikes is a great way to better understand the art and science of the sport.

Find Your Next Destination Bike Rental Today

Whatever your preferences, you can plan a destination bike trip with more options than ever before. From a quick business trip to a longer vacation, there are so many ways to add a fun ride to your next trip. With quality, boutique bicycle rentals, find a ride that makes your travels that much more memorable. Life’s too short to ride boring bikes (or to miss a ride just ‘cause you can’t bring your bike on the plane)!

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